We can help you secure the best products in the inflatable industry with our Easy Financing options.

Starting or expanding your rental business or family entertainment center with is an affordable enterprise, with a great return on investment, with choices from the largest in-stock inventory in the industry. Whether purchasing your first units or updating existing ones, these bounce house inflatables will easily pay for themselves!

If you are looking for an alternate financing option, has the resources to help you get your business off the ground and running. Funding assistance allows you to start renting units while managing low monthly payments, bringing cash flow into your bounce house business!

At, we work with the best financing companies in the business. These institutions developed several special programs at favorable rates, specifically for our customers.

Download Financial Application (PDF)

  • Provides leases with a minimal out of pocket expense. We require only one or two months payments down, not the normal 20% or 30% down required by most banks
  • Avoid the hassle of bank loans. Application Only programs are simple and quick. It takes only five minutes complete and is approved in 24 to 48 hours. Can go up to $50,000 before requiring financials
  • Your payments will never increase through the term no matter what happens to the prime rate
  • We design our payment programs to match the cash flows of your business. We will accept payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. If your business is seasonal, you can take up to three months each year with zero payments.
  • The true lease has accounting benefits. This is sometimes called a off balance sheet financing because you do not book a liability on your balance sheet. This prevents you from being too highly leveraged. It also simplifies your accounting because you simply expense every payment made
  • The true lease also has tax benefits. Because you can expense the entire payment, including sales tax, you will accelerate your depreciation and pay less tax. You can also avoid cumbersome depreciation schedules
  • A lease will also preserve your established lines of credit. Use your bank lines for operations, expansions, inventory purchases, emergencies etc. The lease lines are perfect for purchasing profit making equipment
  • Leasing improves your cash flow. Make your payments from your monthly income, not from your working capital or savings
  • If you would rather take advantage of tax exemptions like Section 179 and expense the entire purchase this year then we will set up an EFA (equipment finance agreement) in which you own the equipment and we are simply lien holders. Much like a standard loan.