Super Deflator (for BP-1, BP-2 Blower)

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Weight: 4.40 Lbs. (2 kg)
Super Deflator is specially designed accessory for B-AIR blowers that dramatically helps the deflation process by using the same blower as a suction pump. Super Deflator permanently attaches to your B-AIR blower and, once installed, requires absolutely no maintenance. - CUT deflation to a fraction of its time! Walking on the unit is no longer needed! - REDUCE the effort it takes to deflate ANY inflatable! - IMPROVE handling of ALL your inflatables, make tighter rolls with no extra effort! You should not spend any extra time on deflating, rolling and storing your inflatable units. Now there is Super Deflatorâ„¢ to help you do all the things you did before in a fraction of its time. Take the pain out of deflating and rolling inflatables, make your business fun and profitable again. This particular model will fit to the Bear BP-1 UL Approved (SKU: BP1H-UL) and Bear BP-2 (SKU: BP-2 and BP2-230) blowers.