40ft. Obstacle Course- 7 Element

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Weight: 453 lbs.
Length: 40 feet
Width: 11 feet
Height: 10 feet
The 40ft. Obstacle Course, 7 Element, is our newest addition to the Obstacle Course family and is the perfect choice when the 30' Obstacle Course is too small. This game is packed with features like pop-ups, a squeeze wall, crawl throughs, jump throughs and an up and over slide. Kids and adults are guaranteed to love this game. Includes all of our standard game features and is built to last. This can be added to the Vertical Rush, the 30' Obstacle Course, the 30' Rock/Climb Slide or all!
Game Information:
Blowers 1
Operators 1
Max. Players 6
Max. Player Height N/A
Min. Player Height 36"
Max. Player Weight 180 lbs
30OC-RCS22VR-40OC 1Ultimate Obstacle Course

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