Fun Express Train Station

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Weight: 350 Lbs. (159 kg)
Length: 27'0" (8.23 m)
Width: 20'0" (6.1 m)
Height: 8'9" (2.67 m)
The train is at the station with this adorable and colorful Fun Express train station inflatable obstacle course. Once kids enter through the front of the train, it's on to gentle climbs and whizzing slides, under upside-down obstacles, and maneuvering around pop ups. Once in the interior of the station, participants are greeted by a 3D palm tree and a train signal pole. The exterior art makes kids feel like they are at a real train station, with a ticket booth, a detailed train and even a clock image to make sure the train is on time!

These schematic diagrams are designed to give you a better understanding of the layout of this inflatable unit. Please click on each image to see a larger version.