Mini Castle

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Weight: 65 Lbs. (30 kg)
Length: 8'4" (2.54 m)
Width: 8'2" (2.49 m)
Height: 7'10" (2.39 m)
The Mini Castle moonwalk will set forth a regal air at your next event. Don't be fooled by the name, this is a grand chateau where young princes and princesses can spend the day in their make-believe world of knights and castles. The Mini Castle moonwalk allows kids to play and explore, while developing social skills. With its vibrant pink, red, yellow, blue and teal hues, and four spires, one in each corner of the castle, all participants will feel like royalty. Kids can spend hours jumping, making friends and even pretend they are decreeing royal edicts upon their kingdom.

These schematic diagrams are designed to give you a better understanding of the layout of this inflatable unit. Please click on each image to see a larger version.